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Laminate End Cap

The end cap is a separate piece of plastic laminate glued to the raw exposed end of a countertop.

The description below is for a standard postformed kitchen countertop 25-1/2" wide, with 3" high back splash. Dimensions of standard kitchen end cap are 5"(W) X approx. 28"(L) X laminate thickness. End caps are cut over size to allow for trimming with a router and they also are cut for left and right side of countertop.

The build-up strip measures 24"(L) X 1-1/4"(W) X 3/4"(T). The stick for the back splash measures 4"(L) X 3/4"(W) X 1/2"(T).

Basic tools are required that include; small electric router and flush trim laminate bit, belt sander, power drill, drill bits, fine tooth hand file, padded saw horses, screw driver, hammer and seam roller.

Supplies needed are; contact adhesive, contact adhesive solvent, wood build up strips, end cap (Fig.1), hot melt glue or wood glue and screws or nails, small brush or roller, petroleum jelly and rag for clean up.

How to Apply End Cap

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Photo of end cap,  build-up stick and back splash stick. Fig 1

Photo showing wood glue beign applied to build-up stick on underside of kitchen countertop. Fig 2

Photo of attaching a build-up stick to underside of kitchen countertop with screws. Fig 3

Photo of attaching small back splash stick using  screws. Fig 4

Photo showing contact adheasive being applied to end cap. Fig 5

Photo showing contact adheasive being applied to raw edge of kitchen countertop. Fig 6

Photo showing end cap for kitchen countertop being applied. Fig 7

Photo showing end cap being rolled on with small steel roller. Fig 8

Photo of end cap being bonded to edge of kitchen countertop using pressure from edge of a short piece of 2 X 4 material. Fig 9

Photo showing lubrication being applied to countertop surface before end cap is flush trimed with a  router. Fig 10

Photo showing end cap being flush trimed with small hand held laminate trim router. Fig 11

Photo showing a file being used to smooth routed edge of end cap on a kitchen countertop. Fig 12

Photo showing bottom of end cap and kitchen countertop being sanded flush with a belt sander. Fig 13