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Laminate End Splash

Countertops that butt into a wall can be finished with an end splash. The end splash is basically a separate back splash that fits between end of countertop and wall.

The description below is for a standard post formed kitchen countertop 25-1/2" wide, with 3" high back splash. The dimension of the end splash is 1-1/4"(W) X 4-1/2"(H) X 25-1/2"(L).

Basic tools required are; power drill, drill bits, Phillips screwdriver, 3" or larger c-clamp (quick clamp or f-clamp) and saw horses.

Supplies needed are; pencil, masking tape, adhesive caulk, 6- #6 X 1-5/8" Phillips head sheet rock screws, short narrow scrap piece of 3/4" material and rag for clean up.

How to Apply an End Splash

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Clamping scrap 3/4V material to nose of countertop. Fig 1

Tracing countertop profile on end splash. Fig 2

Drilling pilot holes in end splash. Fig 3

Applying adheasive caulk to end splash Fig 4

Attaching end splash screws with screw driver. Fig 5