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End Splash

Mal-O-Sen offers many different end splash styles. The 2 most common styles are; standard end splash and overlay end splash.

Standard End Splash

The standard end splash is attached with screws to the end of the countertop. There are detailed instructions on how to install this style of end splash in our 'DIY Help' section on the 'Apply End Splash' page.

The standard end splash varies with the style of countertop the end splash is attached to. The front edge can be square (single cove, laminate bevel, wood edge & postformed), radius on top (postformed) or radius top and bottom (180° Wrap & D-Edge).

Overlay End Splash

The overlay end splash sits directly on top of the countertop and is available for the postformed style countertop only.

To install the overlay end splash it is simply secured to the countertop and wall with clear or colored 100% silicone adhesive.
This style is popular with the do it yourself person because the end splash can cover a gap of up to 5/8" between the wall and end of countertop.

Photos and drawings of the different end splash styles are shown below.

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Click on Drawing to see a CAD image.

Standard End Splash Photos

Photo of standard end splashFront View

Photo of back side standard end splashBack View

Photo of standard end splash with top radiusTop Radius

Photo of standard end splash with top and bottom radiusTop & Bottom Radius

Overlay End Splash Photos

Photo of overlay end splashFront View

Photo of back side overlay end splashBack View