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Image of 5 company logos: Formica, Greenlam, Nevamar, Pionite and WilsonArt brand plastic laminate

Laminate Color Choices

Mal-O-Sen Co., Inc. stocks twenty-seven (27) color choices. Twelve (12) color choices from WilsonArt brand laminate and fifteen (15) color choices from Formica brand laminate. Stock colors can be ordered and shipped with the shortest amount of lead time.

We can also special order any non-stock color from our local suppliers or direct from the factory. Non-stock colors take longer to process depending on stock on hand at our local suppliers and/or stock on hand plus transit time from the factory.

Laminate manufactures have continued to add many different patterns and textures to keep up with the current styles and trends. If you haven't looked at laminate lately, you will be pleasantly surprised with all the choices. Actually, more choices than all other countertop materials combined.

Mal-O-Sen offers a wide selection of laminate countertop edge styles that will look beautiful in your home for years to come, while they fit your budget today. Images of the edge styles Mal-O-Sen offers are shown on the 'Mal-O-Sen Specs' page and the 'VT Specs' page along with CAD drawings showing measurements.

To view an image of a color please go to the laminate manufacturers web site, a link to each manufactures web site is located below, by clicking on the laminate brand logo or on our 'Contact Us | Links' page.

Image of Formica brand plastic laminate logo

Image of GreenLam Laminate logo

Image of Nevamar plastic laminate logo

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New!  GreenLam Laminate

Mal-O-Sen is pleased to announce that we are now offering GreenLam Laminate to our customers.
Among the world's top three producers of laminates, Greenlam Laminates brings a legacy of exceptional artistry, unsurpassed quality and unyielding passion for excellence to the table.
Some of the advantages of ordering GreenLam laminate from Mal-O-Sen are:

We have a link to the GreenLam website here and on our 'Contact Us | Links' page.
A printer friendly PDF version of the GreenLam color sheet is located here and in the navigation menu.
For more information or to order sample chips, call us at 651-437-2134.

Mal-O-Sen Stock Colors

Mal-O-Sen stock laminate program offers 27 in-stock colors. A printer friendly PDF version of our current stock list is available here and in the navigation menu.

Full Line Laminate Color List

Printer friendly PDF full laminate lists by manufacturer, are located in the navigation menu. The full laminate color lists show price groups and sizes available.

Important Disclaimer

Notice: When designing or replacing an exisiting laminate top, it is very important to, keep the placement of a laminate seam or miter seam as far away as possible from the sink. Water contact over a repeated period of time can lead to a failure of the laminate joint and swelling of the substrate. Water penatration in a laminate joint is not covered by any warrantee.