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Mal-O-Sen Co., Inc.

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Mal-O-Sen Specifications

Mal-O-Sen offers a wide selection of laminate countertop edge styles to fit any decor.

On this page you will find photos of the ten (10) edge styles that we manufacture at our plant located in Hastings, MN.

Photos and drawings of all the Mal-O-Sen edge styles are shown below.

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Click on 'Drawing' to see a CAD drawing with dimensions.

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Edge Styles

Photo postformed countertopPostformed

Photo of single cove countertopSingle Cove

Photo of 180 degree wrap countertop180° Wrap

Photo of D-Edge countertopD-Edge

Photo of laminate bevel countertopBevel Edge

Photo of rainbow wood edged countertopWood Rainbow

Photo of classic wood edged countertopWood Classic

Photo of classic accent wood edge countertopWood Classic Accent

Photo of double classic accent countertopWood Double Classic Accent

Photo of elite wood edge countertopWood Elite

All of the wood edge photos above are shown with oak.

Wood edged countertops are available in five (5) different species that include; oak, maple, birch, cherry and hickory. Wood edge countertops are supplied unfinished only. The customer is responsible for finish sanding, staining and sealing of the wood edges.