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Correctly scribing your countertop is a very important step. Walls in houses are very seldom straight or are corners square.

Your countertop has a 1/2" pine scribe stick. This makes scribing easier, because pine is easier to sand than a typical particle board stick found on other brands of laminate countertops.

Due to the number of different situations that can be encountered when scribing countertops, we will just touch on the basics.

Tools needed are; belt sander, extra sanding belts, saw horses, pencil compass and tape measure.

How to scribe a laminate countertop

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Photo of a Porter Cable 3 X 21 belt sander.  Fig 1

Photo showing the scribe stick of a countertop being sanded to an angle. Fig 2

Photo showing pencil compass set to widest gap. Fig 3

Photo showing end cap being scribed with a belt sander Fig 4

Photo showing backsplash on countertop being caulked. Fig 5