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Image of 5 company logos: Formica, Greenlam, Nevamar, Pionite and WilsonArt brand plastic laminate

Mal-O-Sen Site Map

Home page: Welcome and company information.

Laminate page: Stock and special order laminate colors.

All Formica colors PDF
All GreenLam colors PDF
All Nevamar colors PDF
All Pionite colors PDF
All Wilsonart colors PDF
Stock Color List PDF

  DIY Help page: Installation help for the do-it-yourself person.
   (Please read DIY Help page first)

Tools and Supplies
Preparing Cabinets
Measuring Existing Cabinets
Measuring New Cabinets
Applying End Cap
Applying End Splash
Cutting Sink
Assembling Miter
Fastening to Cabinets
Care and Maintenance

Specifications page:  Laminate countertop information.

Mal-O-Sen Spec page:  Mal-O-Sen edge styles offered.

Postformed Photo

Postformed Drawing

Single Cove Photo

Single Cove Drawing

180° Wrap Photo

180° Wrap Drawing

D-Edge Photo

D-Edge Drawing

Laminate Bevel Photo

Laminate Bevel Drawing

Wood Rainbow Photo

Wood Rainbow Drawing

Wood Classic Photo

Wood Classic Drawing

Wood Classic Accent Photo

Wood Classic Accent Drawing

Wood Classic Double Accent Photo

Wood Classic Double Accent Drawing

Wood Elite Photo

Wood Elite Drawing

VT Spec page:  VT edge styles offered.

Barcelona (VT Industries) Photo

Barcelona Drawing

Geneva (VT Industries) Photo

Geneva Drawing

Marbella (VT Industries) Photo

Marbella Drawing

Ora (VT Industries) Photo

Ora Drawing

Tiburon (VT Industries) Photo

Tiburon Drawing

Valencia (VT Industries) Photo

Valencia Drawing

Undermount Sink page:  Undermount Sinks.

Karran E-250 Sink Photo
Karran E-260R Sink Photo

End Splash page:  End Splashes.

Standard End Splash Photo

Standard End Splash Drawing

Standard End Splash (back side) Photo

Standard End Splash (back side) Drawing

Overlay End Splash Photo

Overlay End Splash Drawing

Overlay End Splash (back side) Photo

Overlay End Splash (back side) Drawing

Standard End Splash (radius top) Photo
Standard End Splash (radius top & bottom) Photo

Contact Us | Links page:  Company address, phone numbers, map to our location, e-mail and web site links.

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