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Build-up Sticks

Build-up sticks are used between the top of the cabinets and the bottom of the countertop. Build-up sticks are 3/4" material about 1-1/4" wide and vary in length depending on cabinet width. Particle board or pine make very good build-up sticks.

Usually build-up sticks are supplied with the countertop, sometimes you may need to make your own.

Build-up sticks act like spacers that support the countertop. In almost every case build-up sticks are used. There are exceptions and this should be discussed with the sales associate when you are purchasing your countertops.

There are many different ways to attach these sticks. Two preferred methods are described below. Use method 1 if you are NOT attaching the countertops to corner blocks with screws. Method 2 describes how to attach countertops with screws to corner blocks. Both methods cause the least amount of damage to cabinets the next time new countertops are installed.

Tools needed include; hammer if using nails, power screw driver and driver bit, drill bits, padded saw horses, saw to cut build-up strips to length and caulk gun if using panel adhesive.

Supplies needed are; wood glue or panel adhesive, build-up strips, 2" finish nails (method 1), 1-1/4" screws or nails (method 2), pencil or marking pen and rags for clean-up.

Steps to Fasten Countertops to Cabinets

Method 1

Method 2

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Photo of short build-up strips used  around sink. Fig 1

Photo showing build-up stick and cabinet being predrilled. Fig 2

Photo showing build-up stick being nailed to cabinet. Fig 3

Photo showing panel adhesive being applied to to top of build-up sticks. Fig 4

Photo showing sticks between countertop and upper cabinets to apply downward force. Fig 5

Photo showing build-up strips being predrilled. Fig 6

Photo showing panel adhesive being applied to bottom of countertop to fasten build-up sticks Fig 7

Photo showing a build-up strip being attached to bottom of countertop with hammer and nail. Fig 8

Photo showing countertop being attached to cabinets by screwing into corner blocks. Fig 9