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Image of 5 company logos: Formica, Greenlam, Nevamar, Pionite and WilsonArt brand plastic laminate

Installation Tools and Supplies

The tools and supplies needed to do to a complete installation, including; applying end cap, applying end splash, cutting sink hole, assembling miter, scribing and securing countertop to cabinets are listed below. Other common items may be needed.

See individual headings that describe in detail the steps to do a professional looking countertop installation. You may not need all tools listed (e.g., if you are not applying an end cap you will not need the trim router, flush trim bit, brush or roller, contact adhesive, contact adhesive solvent, j-roller, petroleum jelly etc.).

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Photo of Porter Cable 352VS 3" X 21" belt sander  Fig. 1

Photo of Porter Cable 7310 laminate trim router  Fig. 2

Photo of solid carbide flush trim bitFig. 3

Photo of Porter Cable jig saw.  Fig. 4